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Now, I don’t exactly have a degree in pedagogy, but education is so much more than just the teacher. I believe I am qualified to discuss this subject with the world, given how much relevant experience I have — I have much more experience at being a student than the average student. He made sure of it. He’s held me back like a dam holds back water.

The first incident was in elementary school. I am a visual learner, so I believed mixing water and chalk was how you got milk. I even tried making it at home, and nailed the consistency, the look and feel. Only, I didn’t drink it — I brought it to school and gave it to Sean to try after lunch. I don’t know what got more upset that day, Teacher or his stomach. Lesson learned — looks aren’t everything. It’s easy for poison to look like milk.

Teacher’s reaction to this was to send me out of the class to reflect on my mistakes, and suspend me for a week. A week that ended up costing me the required attendance to qualify for end-year exams, by the way. So there I was, hanging my head alone in the second floor corridor, doomed to repeat fourth grade for the third time. Not angry, just determined to be a better student.

However, it didn’t get better once I finally moved into middle school. In eighth grade — at an age when most students are about to graduate — I wanted to prove that you could make effective glue with just flour and water. So, I concocted the mix in Home Economics class and made Marisol’s hair adhere to the back of her chair for a full two hours. The students now believed me about the recipe. Given what an absolute b*tc* Marisol was to everyone, it also made me popular in class. The Lord and Master, however, was not impressed. Or amused.

This episode earned me a trip to explain myself to the Principal, and then to both him and my dad, who was called to school. I was on my last chance before expulsion, they told my dad. C’mon, Teacher. Such a hard-ass. Somebody’s hair became collateral damage for the sake of science, why the fuss? Nobody cared when Newton was supposedly hit on his head by an apple, after all. No razing of apple trees, just “Thanks for the discovery” and awards, and trees are no safer to sit under today than they were back then.

The face of a shackled genius looks something like this

Now you’re probably wondering where this is going. “How is this young genius going to get back at his doubters?” “Is he going to boobytrap the Principal’s office door in high school?” Ah, I can feel your excitement all the way here! Thanks guys :D

But some stories are just boring renditions of events, you see? I only had one twist in me today, and I had to choose between giving it to this story, or to Teacher’s neck. No hard feelings, I hope.

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