People don’t appreciate what it takes to be a leader.


The media has convinced millions that the rich and powerful sip wine and smoke cigars while their underpaid and overworked underlings keep things in order. Rubbish! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Leaders are the most stressed and overworked people on this planet. It is not a light burden, being responsible for the lives of thousands, millions of people. Being the leader of a country is the hardest — People come at you with every problem you can think of. Security, military, economy, education, healthcare — all of the problems. You can surround yourself with great aides, but none of them are going to feel this unique, all-round crushing pressure. Did you see Barack Obama once he was done with his terms? He aged 20 years while the rest of us experienced 8.

The conspiracy nuts are the worst. Area 51 is used to hide aliens? I wish they would put some thought into it — If we really wanted to hide aliens somewhere, why would it be someplace everybody knows about? NASA faking the moon landings? Right, everyone is so important that we need to spend millions to impress them with a fake story. How narcissistic. The earth is flat? Don’t even get me started — How is this a thing in 2019?

Every leader needs a break. My guilty pleasure? Hypothetical questions. Best things ever. I have special fondness for the time travel ones. I love how people fantasize about going back in time and being world geniuses. Give me a break - You would be completely lost! What good’s all your internet knowledge in 1500 AD? Plough the fields or die, peasant. You’ll be tormented with how much you know yet how little you can actually do. You’d feel so, so stuck.

I’ll tell you what is true about being a leader, particularly one of a powerful country like the USA. You have power and status. You can give plausible “good” reasons, and nobody has to know the real reasons. As long as everyone benefits, no harm no foul.

Take attempts at contacting extra-terrestrials, for example. If it succeeds, what a moment for humanity, no, the universe! Species could collaborate across planets and life could progress and evolve exponentially quicker.

But I’m not all that interested in that. I just wish someone would pick up the signals and take me back home. I’m tired of feeling so, so stuck.

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