It’s alright, surely?

I was born a perfectly healthy baby in a midsummer afternoon somewhere in Bucharest, Romania. Apparently I was a great toddler — Minimal fuss, toed the line, bereft of any major health issues. I went to King’s Oak British International School, one of the best in the city. Besides the odd squabble, I maintained a stable set of reliable friends throughout my school days. We weren’t jocks or the genius lot, but a lack of spotlight helped my band of merry men thrive in their own way, and take me with them. I count several of them among my friends to this day, when I am 31. We had a motto: “Just Try Everything!”

Outside school, however, I spent about as much time with day-care workers and nannies as I did with my parents, if not more. Today, I understand that this was necessary. “Modern economy” requires that a household have two (very hard) working parents. No matter — they were all very good to me. I am sure, in fact, that I would’ve been a less rounded individual raised by my parents alone, so I am grateful.

Today, I work as a video analyst for one of the best local — and national — football clubs: Steaua Bucharest. My job is to intensely pick apart every move made by us and our opponents to help the team prepare as well as they can. The tactics and team selections hinge on my inputs. It is an important job, even if it isn’t too flashy. I don’t thrive in the spotlight anyway, as I have said. It’s truly satisfying when I can see a successful play executed based on my input. I wouldn’t say I was made for this job. I was an average student at school, and it wasn’t clear for me what I should do for a career until I was in my late 20s. I decided to Just Try Everything for about a decade after school, and here I am.

And where would I be without Agnes? She’s the love of my life. I met her when I was studying sports science in university. I was 25 back then, and she was 26. We met at a university trip to Amsterdam. We hit it off, and the rest is history.

We had an amazing day together today. I took her to her favourite amusement park. We tried all of the rides and experiences, including Horror Hall (my least favourite, and therefore her most), and Crazy House (here, the tables turn. Literally). The food was incredible. We were now back on my couch, exhausted and happy. As I stroked her hair, she said, “Adrian, I think we should get married.”

What is a man supposed to do in this situation? To me, it was obvious. I cut her up and buried her body parts in my backyard. She made a fine foundation for my tomato garden. Well, it wasn’t tomatoes from the start, but I figured out what was best eventually. Just Try Everything :)

Ah, save the judgemental looks, people. I know it looks bad, but how do my actions do any REAL harm? Or good? It sure was freeing when I realized that I’m just a character in a story someone’s written out.

Maybe you’re the same? ^_^

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