“Particularly in jobs where you are creating something, what truly matters is your ability to show off your creations and your ability to communicate all the variety of your skillsets.”

I disagree — Since ‘creation’ in itself is subjective, I find companies will favour creation of value (measurable, objective) over mere creation of stuff, all else being equal. There are already a gazillion folks out there writing articles like you describe, but I’m not sure that stands them in higher stead than a single line in a resume that says “Saved $2 million by reducing monthly customer churn”.

If you’re not already in the field, all this gets you a foot in the door at best, not all the way — Hardly anyone takes your writing as the final say on your competence, let alone roll out a job offer based on your online portfolio alone. After all, several desirable attributes are implicit in successfully carrying out a corporate data science project — Working under timelines, collaboration with various stakeholders, prioritizing multiple tasks, generating business recommendations from analytical solutions and explaining data to non-data folks, to name a few. If you have nothing to show for yourself except an online portfolio, you’ll have a prepare harder, not lesser, for interviews, for all of this will be tested and it is possible you have no experience in these situations yet.

Last, the statement “This data scientist got her job without going on an interview. She did it through working on projects and writing online.” is not true. She just didn’t have to provide a resume. From the linked article: “Talking about the effectiveness of her strategy, she mentioned that she got the job offer at H2O.ai without even providing a resume.”

That could make sense: You can showcase your work without a resume in 2020. But nobody’s going to hire an employee as expensive as a data scientist without interviews. One definitely needs to prepare for those, hard.

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