Quite sensible, this. Accounting for every variable and understanding the impact of each to take necessary action is Analytics 101. Feedback loops are essential in all walks of life, and comedy is no exception.

I saw a clip of Anthony Jeselnik from 2008 (I think it was), where he was delivering his usual rapid-fire jokes, but speaking very quickly, and moving on to his next joke before the previous one had fully sunk in. In his “Shakespeare” recording, nearly 5 years later, nearly the same set of jokes landed much more powerfully as he spoke clearly, slowly and let the punchlines sink in and be digested. Clear example of someone who learned and evolved.

It also probably wouldn’t hurt to try out short sets in representative, non-threatening environments (such as gatherings with friends) to get an idea, in advance, of how your act might be received later on, particularly if it’s fresh.


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