The most important meal of the day

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, they say.

Who are ‘they’? Breakfast cereal companies of course. Buy their stuff, and your day goes wayyy better than it would’ve otherwise. Even better, your whole life. Eat breakfast cereal everyday before you leave for school/work/whatever, and you’re destined to become goddamn Einstein.

The propaganda is unreal, and even more unreal is the fact that it works. Their stuff is flying off the shelves. Of course, they’re never satisfied — every half a year there’s a new marketing wave showing kids excelling at every goddamn thing within a week of consuming this sugary, milky bile.

Nah, the most important meal of the day is dinner, if you ask me. Your body does a lot while it sleeps — you shock and test your muscles through resistance training, but sleep is when your muscles actually grow. The contents of the food you eat before you sleep matter too — eating a luscious, filling dinner is a fast-track to gaining blubber. This is why I choose to reject the marketing propaganda, and ensure that my dinner is the best it can possibly be for my body. Health is paramount, after all.

Food for the body, food for the soul

Dinner is important for the spirit, too — it is when family, friends, housemates bond. While we have breakfast in a rush, and lunch at work/school (and both slaves to our schedule), dinner is had in the security of one’s home, with familiar faces, during a lull in the day, at a time of our choosing.

Despite the obvious importance of it, the day’s climactic meal doesn’t have a lot of fans. It’s the forgotten meal, something you just put in you at the end of a long, hard day because your stomach wants something. Whatever’s possible quickly is smashed together and ingested. Sad it has come to this, really.

So how do you ensure that you do justice to dinner, and in turn allow dinner to do justice to you? You’ll find a lot of advice about this online — eat salad. Avoid carbs. Drink 2 glasses of water after. Consume no sooner than 2 hours prior to bedtime.

Personally, I am distrustful of any ‘diet’, particularly those that have names. I find this a rather apt application of Occam’s Razor — The simplest solution is often the right one. I’m skeptical of the value-add of spending significant amounts of money and time in researching ingredients and recipes over what should be a simple task.

What better source for nutrients than the human body itself?

I suppose having people over for dinner is by far the best way to guarantee the appropriate nutrients and atmosphere.

Consider this an invitation. You’re welcome to visit any day :)

Do come in :D

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