The privacy policy describes what will be done with the information you share. What information you share is up to you.The "agree or delete" ultimatum is only for the privacy policy, you don't have to give the app every permission.

However, there will be app features that depends on permissions to work properly. Below are what I've found from experimenting.

1. Contacts - If you deny permission to contacts, all your chats will show up as a list of phone numbers with no names (You can always view the profile picture and WhatsApp username is someone's profile, if they allow).

2. Location - If your location services are off, the functionality to share live location will not work. Sharing a location from Google Maps (you can always search this for places with location off) will still work.

3. Storage - You will not be able to post pictures into chats, download pictures from chats, post or view a WhatsApp status.

4. Microphone - Calls and recordings will not work

5. Camera - Video calls will not work, nor will the feature in status/chats to snap a picture and share instantly


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