We may shun the accumulation of material, but we still desire to be seen. In the absence of social media, you could get people’s attention with a new car, a new house, or some other new toy. Now, being seen requires something fresh every week — What better than a new location, or experience?

I was at the mountains, finding myself (But also capturing extremely appealing photographs and curating them for likes). Next month, at the seaside. Later, in the woods. #WanderLust. When before you’d relish these rare experiences as a chance to disconnect completely, now you’re a little disappointed that you’ll have to wait till you’re back at the hotel before you can upload…

On social media, you are a one-person firm overworking its one-person PR department.This is a mentality that is encouraged by several slogans and articles like: “How to build your personal brand”, “How to sell yourself” etc. It’s hard not to fall into this trap. The next “woke” will be people who reject social media. But in favour of what? We’ll see…


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